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New developments and best practices in pediatric audiology, as well as guidance on technology options for both in and out of the classroom.

New UHL resource for families

A newly published guide for understanding best practice recommendations for children with unilateral hearing loss will help parents consider what is important for their child after receiving a diagnosis.

The challenges of learning during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is requiring children to adapt to new learning situations and pandemic-related accommodations including social distancing, face masks and a strong reliance on technology. A recent study documented the educational challenges faced by children with hearing loss.

Teens empowering teens!

What happens when Phonak selects a passionate group of teens and gives them a voice? – They make a real difference and create a sense of community for other teens! Learn what resources are now available, thanks to the Phonak Teen Advisory Board.

Helping teens with hearing loss succeed

Teens with hearing loss may have greater difficulty transitioning into adulthood compared to their normal hearing peers. The Phonak Teen Advisory Board explored how we can help them to succeed.