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Theory to Practice

Interviews with experts in the industry. The objective of each interview is to translate theory into clinically relevant guidance.

When listening feels like work

In this interview, Professor Graham Naylor shares the latest research on listening fatigue and why it might be one of the reasons driving clients to visit your clinic.

Unravelling the custom process

In this interview, Stefan Launer speaks to all things custom – past, present and future. We discuss challenges that have been overcome to create smaller products with greater functionality and we look towards challenges and future potential in this realm.

AudiogramDirect with Remote Support

In this interview with Jaqueline Drexler, AuD, we learn more about this ‘world’s first’ offering and how it is fulfilling a service delivery need until clients can come back into the clinic for a full hearing evaluation.

Hearing health and social connectedness

Hearing is more than sensory processing. According to Professor Barbara Weinstein, we need to begin considering hearing health and social connectedness as vital parts of healthy living and well-being.

Unlocking the wonders of the brain with Sir Richard Faull

Our brain is inextricably linked to every part of our body and hence researchers are constantly trying to understand more about this mysterious, yet wonderful, organ. In this interview, I speak to Sir Richard Faull, who will enlighten us to where this body of brain research is currently and what the future might hold.

Hearing loss and cognition: hearing well is thinking well

Hearing loss is linked with a faster rate of cognitive decline in older adults. Whether this is a causal relationship is still under debate, as is whether the use of hearing instruments can delay decline. In this interview, Professor Julia Sarant shares her latest research in this area and how it could impact your clinical practice.