Updates to myPhonak app

The latest version of myPhonak 6.3.0 supports new firmware for Phonak Audéo Lumity hearing aids, increases accuracy of health data collected, and supports 2 new languages.

On February 28th, 2023 Phonak released myPhonak 6.3.0 for download on iOS™ and Android®.

myPhonak is an app for users of wireless Phonak hearing aids which allows for Remote Control, tracking of health data, and enables hearing care providers to remotely program their client’s hearing aids during a live video telehealth session. myPhonak is periodically updated with improved features and bug fixes.

Support for new Phonak Audéo Lumity firmware

myPhonak 6.3.0 is a required update to connect to the latest version of Lumity firmware that was released with Phonak Target 8.1. Make sure you have updated the myPhonak app if you have recently had your firmware updated. You can learn more about the Lumity firmware update from the Target 8.1 blog post.

New cards under “Support” section

When tapping “Support” in the navigation menu you will now see a “Latest Update” card which displays information on recent changes in the myPhonak app. There is also a new “Customer Support” card which will take you to the Phonak Support website for additional help and the ability to submit a question to Phonak.

Improved behavior of health data tracking

For users of Phonak Audéo Paradise Fit there has been an improvement to the calculation of the resting heart rate to increase the accuracy and quality of the data. You can learn more about Audéo Fit and heart rate tracking here.

For all Phonak hearing aids with health data tracking such as step tracking and wearing time an automatic synchronization of health data has been implemented when the app is in use. This will reduce the need to manually refresh health data. Learn more about Phonak’s optional health data tracking here.

FDA Information (applies to United States users only)

myPhonak will now ask if you live in the US or not.

Your selection is not recorded or shared in any way. It simply used to decide if you should be shown new information that is required by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Displaying this information is a new requirement related to a new rule that was published in the Fall of 2022. As part of this rule the FDA information must be shown in hearing aid software. You can learn more about the rule here and also see the software labeling requirements here.

New languages supported

We’re happy to now include Ukrainian and Serbian language support for the myPhonak app. Language is defined by the operating system of the smartphone. To change the language of the myPhonak app you must first change the language of the phone. You can find instructions for this for iOS™ and Android® (for Android® please search your specific make and model for instructions).

Connection Management Notification for Android

Android users will now notice a persistent notification when their hearing aids are paired to the myPhonak app. This notification is informing you that there is a connection between the myPhonak app and your hearing aids. This notification is a requirement by Android® and cannot be disabled or hidden.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug on iOS that disabled the mute/unmute functionality after pressing the mute button several times in the app.
  • Fixed bug on Android that prevented the user to forget the hearing aids in the Device settings.
  • Fixed bug that prevented steps from Audéo Fit to be automatically synchronized to myPhonak.
  • Fixed bug on Android devices that caused the volume slider to go into split adjustment mode after making a volume change.
  • General fixes and performance improvements

Compatibility changes

As operating systems get older, myPhonak periodically reviews which systems can be supported. This is necessary to maintain agile development as it is not possible to continue supporting all systems forever. Phonak typically supports operating systems well past when the phone manufacturer stops updating the operating system. Users may continue using myPhonak on an unsupported operating system but will not be able to uninstall and reinstall the app again should they need to do so.

  • iOS 15 or newer (iOS 14 no longer supported)
    • Note all iPhones on iOS 14 are eligible for update to iOS 15
  • Android 8.0 or newer (Android 7.0 no longer supported)

Learn more about the myPhonak app by clicking here

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