Speech Enhancer: 3 real-world problems it solves

Understanding of soft speech is sometimes overlooked as a need, but soft conversations are just as important as louder ones. Here’s how Speech Enhancer can meet your clients’ listening needs in quiet situations.

Want to hear a secret? The answer to this question is often yes, but it comes with particular challenges for people with hearing loss. 

Some of our most important conversations involve soft speech. Maybe it’s an intimate conversation with a partner, a hushed conversation in the hallway at work, or speech used for dramatic effect in storytelling.  

Beyond that, many people are naturally soft-spoken, ‘low-talkers’ if you will, and speech from a distance is softer by nature. Imagine how valuable it would be if these common scenarios were easier to hear.

Speech Enhancer is an adaptive algorithm designed to enhance the peaks of a speech signal in quiet situations. 

3 real-world benefits of Speech Enhancer

  1. It’s automatic.  Speech Enhancer automatically kicks in when soft speech is detected, seamlessly making it easier to hear.
  2. It’s specific.  Speech Enhancer has very specific criteria to meet when analyzing the environment, and distinctively targets soft speech, not other unwanted soft sounds.
  3. It’s important.  Speech in quiet often gets overlooked as an ‘easy listening environment’; however, hearing speech in quiet is actually the biggest predictor of hearing aid benefit. 

We know that conversations happen everywhere. Near or far, quiet or loud — understanding speech is essential to living a full life. 

As an audiologist in the clinic, I often centered my dialogue on how hearing aids can help in challenging noisy environments. However, hearing aids do so much more than that. 

As we move through different listening environments throughout the day, it’s important to have an automatic operating system that can keep up. Having access to Speech Enhancer in our automatic program means that it’s there when your clients need it. 

To learn more about the features in Phonak Audéo™ Lumity, we invite you to visit our webpages.

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