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Jennifer Appleton-Huber

Jennifer joined Phonak HQ in 2013. She previously worked clinically as an Audiological Scientist mainly in the UK and Switzerland, with both adults and pediatrics (in the areas of hearing aids and cochlear implants). She received her MSc in Audiology from the University of Manchester.

Sharing is important, not easy…

Complex listening situations have been described as switching between focusing on one talker and sharing attention within a group. How does Phonak perform against its competitors in this situation?

Peru and the hearing test factory

560 wax occlusions, 21 infections, two Piñata foam pieces and a live insect (a cochineal)! – some otoscopy findings during your typical week of hearing screening in Lima.

When listening takes too much effort

In a study conducted at Hörzentrum Oldenburg, StereoZoom has been shown to significantly reduce listening effort in comparison to a spatial noise reduction approach in a competitor device.