Ten things you need to know about Naída™ Paradise

Naída Paradise has all the technology you rely on from the previous generations of Naída, with an amazing array of new connectivity options. Here are ten things you need to know.

As Audiology Manager for Severe-to-Profound Hearing Loss at Phonak, I am so excited to introduce this new platform. I will try to limit myself to just ten things you need to know about the new technology in Naída Paradise.

  1. Smartphones can stream directly into the Naída Paradise UP and PR hearing aids which means a power BTE-675 wearer can enjoy their smartphone for more than text messages. And the BTE-PR wearer who expects a comprehensive sound experience on their smartphone will love the tap control and hands free options.All this can happen with their existing smartphone because the Naida Paradise is compatible with iPhones and Android phones.
  2. Apps are a part of everyday life for most of us. Naída Paradise wearers can now access the myPhonak 5.0 app and benefit from all its functions.No need for a new phone, because the myPhonak 5.0 app is also made for all smartphones, so it can be up and running straight away on their iPhone or Android smartphone.
  3. Naída Paradise is compatible with myPhonak remote support. This feature within the myPhonak app is critical at this historic moment. It is a lifeline for clients stranded by the pandemic or anyone who cannot travel to their hearing care professional.
  4. So many of our Naída UP wearers have used Phonak power hearing aids over many years. They have been our partners over long years of development and improvement.Still many will cling to their hearing aids like old familiar friends. Imagine the pleasure of knowing that cumbersome audio-shoes are a thing of the past. It’s time to embrace RogerDirect™ and for all of them to kick off those old shoes.
  5. Another of their old friends will be their Roger™ microphone. Thanks to the installation process, Naída Paradise is still compatible with the old Roger microphones. Paradise trial devices with pre-installed Roger receivers are the perfect opportunity to introduce your client to the new Roger device range for home, social life and workplace.
  6. Of course their individual workplace can be directly connected to their Naída Paradise hearing aids via Bluetooth connections for direct audio streaming. Connecting to PCs, laptops and tablets is especially helpful because these office items come with a screen.That means that they can provide a view of the speakers face or in some cases real-time subtitles, adding much needed visual cues. Naída Paradise allows up to 8 Bluetooth connections with two active at any given time. So juggling between an online meeting and a smartphone call no longer means fumbling with their hearing aid or extra devices. And for the Naída P PR the Tap Control is a special treat.
  7. OK, OK, so your client is a little old lady who lives alone and her only pleasure is her TV. Yes, the Naída Paradise is compatible with the TV connector, too. When her daughter or carer comes in to visit, or that busy-body from next door checks in to see if she is okay, the visitors might love the partner mic to help overcome their communication barriers with the little old lady who has such poor hearing and has the TV on all the time.So a better solution might be a Roger On™ or Select™ which are single devices that can be used for both TV and in conversation.
  8. Slow compression sounds like one of those techy topics that makes a hearing care professional’s life difficult. In the case of all Paradise hearing aids you really do not have to think about it at all with the new adaptive compression speed in Adaptive Phonak Digital 2.0. For your clients with poor auditory resolution abilities, you can select Adaptive Phonak Digital 2.0 Contrast in Naída Paradise. It slows the compression to preserve the contrast between loud and soft sounds. Because of the new adaptive compression speed in Paradise, APD 2.0 Contrast it results in even more contrast, than the original APD Contrast.
  9. SoundRecover2 is available in Naída Paradise. It is one of those Naída technologies you rely on. It is especially important to your clients who wear the BTE-UP because with SoundRecover2 frequency lowering can lower all the way down to 800Hz and is only applied when a high frequency consonant is detected, so vowels are unchanged. The benefit from the resulting audibility of the high frequencies can be experienced by wearers who have a 2 kHz threshold down to 110dBHL compared to original SoundRecover where most benefit was expected when the 2kHz threshold was better than 80dBHL.¹
  10. Did I mention rechargeability? In the Naída Paradise PR we have a rechargeable Naída BTE at last. Oh and the rechargeable model also comes with Motion Sensor Hearing… and Tap Control…and Speech Enhancement …and Dynamic Noise Cancellation (DNC).For your Naída UP wearers who often dislike adaptive features, we have set DNC to ‘off’?Your client can use their myPhonak App to activate DNC in exactly the places and at the strength that they prefer.
    And did I mention that with myPhonak memory they can save their preferred custom settings in a custom program on the app (and that they will be able to access the last used custom program via the multi-function button on the hearing aid)? Well, you saw what I did there, just squeezed a few extras into thing ten!

If there was ever a time that a client who clings to their hearing aids like old familiar friends, could be tempted by a new hearing aid, the time is now and the hearing aid is Naída Paradise. The rewards of connecting easily to the world and people around them has the potential to improve their quality of life. Well hearing really is well being.


  1. Fulton, B. (2016) SoundRecover2: Increased audibility in the high frequencies for adults with profound hearing loss. Phonak Field Study News. Retrieved from www.phonakpro.com/evidence, accessed February 23rd, 2020.

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2 thoughts on “Ten things you need to know about Naída™ Paradise

  1. With the Naida Paradise hearing aids, you can connect directly to the mobile phone and use the mic on the hearing aids for talking on hands-free phone calls.

    Is it possible to disable sound from the mic going into your ears during phone calls so you can better hear and understand the caller’s voice without the background noise?

    Note: It was possible with the Naida Venture hearing aids plus the ComPilot, and previous models.

    1. During phone calls, we would recommend adjusting the streaming volume (environmental balance) by using the myPhonak app or by using the multifunction button on the hearing aid. An increase in the streaming volume will decrease environmental sounds during phone calls.
      Wish you the best.

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