Expert guidelines published!

Evidence based audiological guidance for managing severe and profound hearing loss now published. In this video, Audiologist Bernadette Fulton explains what went into developing this much-needed resource.

As the audiology manager for severe to profound hearing loss, here at Phonak headquarters, I am asked questions about how we can help these clients, every day. My experience in hearing aid audiology has been invaluable in the role, but it is not enough. At Phonak we aspire to support evidence-based practice of audiology, but what help can an audiologist offer if the evidence is just not there, or is out of date.

In this video interview, I speak with Lisa Bacic, Editor of the Phonak Audiology Blog and discuss the highlights of making these new guidelines. Hope you enjoy it.

Find the guidelines and more resources for managing severe to profound hearing loss in adults on our landing page.

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  1. That is a good question. Thanks for asking! believe it has a closed captioning option at the bottom of the video. If you don’t see it, it might be accessible on the YouTube channel. Here is a link to the video Please let me know if this does work and I will look into it further. Thanks.

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