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Barbra Timmer

Dr Barbra Timmer is a Lecturer in Audiology (Teaching & Research) at the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, The University of Queensland and Senior Scientist at Sonova AG. She is also President of Audiology Australia, the peak professional body for audiologists in Australia. Her research interests include the real-world challenges and audiological outcomes for adults with hearing impairment, intervention approaches to address with hearing loss, balance issues, and tinnitus, and teleaudiology. Barbra combines her previous clinical and industry experience, and her current roles in academia, industry and the profession to build a stronger bridge between research and clinical practice.

Why I believe in family-centered care

PhD student Barbra Timmer, a member of the FCC expert panel, reports on her vision of bridging the research-practice gap and why she sees so much potential in family-centered care for hearing healthcare practice.