Wishing you healthy and happy holidays!

Reflecting on the most read blog articles of 2020 – many written to offer you extra support during this unprecedented year. We promise to continue providing valuable content in 2021 and look forward to introducing 2 new series to the Blog.

Dear readers,

This past year was truly an exceptional one. Once the pandemic hit and started disrupting the hearing industry, much of the content on the Blog focused on providing COVID-19 guidance and information. We would like to thank our contributing authors for providing our readers with guidance during these unprecedented times. Our readership numbers jumped showing the importance of this content for hearing care professionals.

Below is a glimpse of our #WeCare series – you can click on the image to access the full articles.

COVID-related articles on the Blog

What do we have planned for 2021? Of course, we will continue publishing content that supports you during the remainder of this pandemic, especially as new resources and evidence are made available. We are also excited to be introduce two new series – one that will focus on promoting best practice for managing adults who have severe and profound hearing loss and one that will help clinicians communicate the importance of hearing well for one’s social-emotional, cognitive and physical well-being. This new content will be written by experts from around the world, including Louise Hickson, Judith Bird, Nerina Scarinci, Barbra Timmer, Laura Turton and more. We look forward to sharing their insights.

Wishing you good health and all the best during the holiday and throughout the new year. For your reading pleasure, here are our top 20 blog articles of 2020. We hope they have served you well.


The Phonak Audiology Blog team

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4 thoughts on “Wishing you healthy and happy holidays!

  1. Thank you for these wonderful informative pieces of important current issues in our field. I look forward to more in the coming new year. Thank you and best regards to you all! Richard Seewald

  2. Thank you, Richard. You a true pioneer in the field of audiology and your words of support mean a great deal. We would be honored to have you as an author on our Blog if you are ever interested. Until then, thank you for your engagement. All the best to you in 2021!

  3. Thank you so much for managing the fantastic Audiology Blog Lisa-the articles are inspiring, interesting, highly relevant and an absolute pleasure to read.

  4. Thanks, Jane! The article you wrote for us is one of our most read articles and your interview with Dr. Graham Naylor is a favorite amongst our readers. So thank you for your contributions in making our Blog a success!

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