Top 5 Audiology Blog articles of 2023

This week we reflect on some of the most read blog articles of this past year.

As we enter a new year, we would like to thank our readers and acknowledge all our contributing authors. Looking back on 2023, our authors shared insights on important industry topics, such as how to support virtual hearing aid care, guidance on understanding hyperacusis and strategies for building effective teams in early intervention.

Here are 5 of our most-read articles in 2023:

1. New guidelines for cognitive health in Audiology

An evidence-based guideline emphasizing the interconnection between hearing and cognitive health in older adults was introduced. It highlights how untreated hearing loss can lead to social withdrawal and loneliness, impacting mental well-being. The guideline encourages holistic healthcare approaches, integrating social prescribing to address patients’ broader needs​​. Link to article.

2. Enhancing tinnitus patient care

This article outlines five strategies to improve patient experiences with tinnitus care. These include setting clear expectations, establishing rapport, educating about tinnitus, providing reassurance about its prevalence and manageability, and informing patients about various management options​​. Link to article.

3. Hearing loss and boredom: Unveiling the link

A novel study explored the relationship between hearing loss and boredom proneness. It found that individuals who are easily bored might be more affected by the same degree of hearing loss compared to those less prone to boredom. This highlights the need to consider personal factors like boredom and attention in audiology​​. Link to article.

4. Addressing stigma in patient counseling

The article discusses the importance of tackling stigma in hearing loss treatment, emphasizing that the stigma associated with hearing loss itself often outweighs that of hearing aids. It urges hearing care professionals to adopt a more listening-focused approach, allowing patients to voice their anxieties and goals​​. Link to article.

5. OTCs: A positive shift in Audiology practice

Dr. Mike Valente shares insights on integrating Over-the-Counter (OTC) hearing aids into clinical practice. Viewing OTCs as an opportunity rather than a threat, he suggests an unbundled approach to services, offering personalized care and addressing cost, accessibility, and convenience. The article stresses the importance of maintaining traditional models while adapting to new market dynamics​​. Link to article.

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