Phonak Target 9.1 with TargetMatch 2.0

Phonak introduces TargetMatch 2.0, new DataLogging views, and other improvements to Phonak Target

On February 26th, 2024, Phonak launched Target 9.1. Depending on your location this version of Target may become available on a later date. 

Phonak Target is the latest version of Phonak’s fitting software which is used for programming and adjusting Phonak hearing aids. Each update improves the experience of fitting Phonak hearing aids. 

In this article we will review the latest changes to Phonak Target. 


TargetMatch is an all-in-one automated, real- ear solution. It is built into Phonak Target and integrates with your real-ear measurement equipment software when using NOAH. TargetMatch will work with the real-ear measurement system to automatically program the hearing aids to specified targets. 

TargetMatch has been updated to extend the compatibility with real-ear systems to include: 

  • Aduitdata Primus Pro 
  • Interacoustics Affinity Suite 
  • Signia Unity 3 

TargetMatch continues to support: 

  • Natus Aurical FreeFit 
  • Natus Aurical HIT test box (for test box measures only) 

Easy to see  “new” hearing aids 

Using Phonak Target to help guide your selection of the latest hearing aids from Phonak has been improved.  

Quickly see which products from Phonak are the latest generation by clicking the “New” button from the instrument selection screen in Target. 

Compatible feature 

To further guide selection of hearing aids for your patients you can utilize the “Compatible” feature introduced in Target 9.1. If you’re not sure which hearing aids will work with each other simply select one device for either the right or left ear, then click the “Compatible” button to see all devices which can be programmed together. These devices will also work together in Phonak apps. 

New selection filters 

Quickly search for Phonak hearing aids which offer specific features with the addition of “Filters”. 

DataLogging enhancements 

Target 9.1 brings big improvements to viewing DataLogging. You will be able to view DataLogging from the last five programming sessions and expand each with a bolder visual design.  

Within DataLogging you can view how your patients are spending time in various programs including “Client-made programs”. These are programs the patient has made using their myPhonak app. Additionally, you can view a patient’s DataLogging even when their hearing aids are not connected. Phonak Target will keep the DataLogging from their last programming session so it can be viewed later. 

Going beyond with Trial devices

With Target 9.1 all Lumity, Paradise, and Marvel Trial devices allow more options to extend the trial period to 10 or even 12 weeks. A continuous improvement feature that can be used for patients who need to demo Trial devices longer, like snowbirds trialing devices over a longer period.

Download Phonak Target 9.1 

Phonak Target contains an automatic update function. Look for the “Updates” tab at the bottom of an open Target session. If you are not able to use the update function or are performing a fresh install of Phonak Target please visit the Phonak Store and sign-in with your PhonakPro login to access Software Downloads.  

If you have any questions or do not have a PhonakPro login please contact your local Phonak representative for help downloading the software. 

We invite you to read a Phonak Insight on client satisfaction and fitting efficiency with TargetMatch 2.0,. Click here.

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