Offer patients with severe-to-profound hearing loss the power they need

Now that you have a full range of hearing technology for your severe-to-profound hearing loss patients, how do you market it?

When I was a practicing clinician, some of my best patients were also the most challenging. Every hearing care professional has at least one of those patients — when you see their name on the schedule, you almost want to go home because you’re suddenly not feeling well. For me, it was typically one of my patients with a severe-to-profound hearing loss. They would come into the office with a scowl on their face because one or both of their hearing aids wasn’t working.

While I’m in the other room cleaning their hearing aids and maybe changing their tubing, I can hear the patient’s grumbles: “I couldn’t hear my favorite news program this morning!”… “I can’t hear on the phone!”… “My wife couldn’t stand the TV so loud, so she left the house!”… “The bananas weren’t ripe at the grocery store!” “And it’s all your fault!!!”

When I come back and put the now-functioning hearing aids on their ears, they suddenly transform into a completely different person. The scowl is replaced with a smile, and they may even try to give me a hug (pre-COVID, of course).

Lo and behold, I am now a superstar!

Patients with this degree of hearing loss have complex needs, which need to be met by more than just a ‘loud’ hearing aid. They need hearing solutions optimized and customized to their individual needs and preferences. That’s where Phonak Naída™ Marvel and Naída Paradise come in. They can help you help more patients with unique challenges.

Why Naída Marvel and Naída Paradise?

Phonak has a broad portfolio of solutions, which include power behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids with features tailored for severe-to-profound hearing losses.

Marvel devices continue to deliver love at first sound. The Naída M-SP (super power with a size 13 battery) offers universal connectivity, hands-free phone calls, the Phonak proprietary binaural voicestream technology (BVST), and RogerDirect™.

The Naída Paradise devices include the PR (power rechargeable) and the UP (ultra-power with a 675 battery). These hearing aids offer more than just excellent sound quality – they offer multiple Bluetooth® connections, call announcements, and for the PR, Tap Control (in select models). The new APD 2.0 fitting formula and the new hearing enhancement features, including the Speech Enhancer, Dynamic Noise Cancellation and Motion Sensor Hearing are designed to give the Naída P devices an array of new benefits.

Any patient, with any degree of hearing loss, will benefit from Naída M and Naída P. While the majority of hearing aids sold today are RICs, there will always be a need for BTEs. We traditionally think of pediatric patients, cochlear implant candidates and long-term power hearing aid wearers in this category of BTE users. Also, think about your patients who have tried RICs or custom devices and have had a history of repairs due to moisture or wax-related issues. Now, you can offer all of these patients the durability and reliability of a BTE device as well as additional features and the ability to control many of their listening configurations and features in an app.

Features of Naída M and P:

  • Universal connectivity
  • Hands-free phone calls
  • RogerDirect™
  • Remote Support programming
  • Hearing Diary through the myPhonak App
  • AutoSense OS™
  • SoundRecover2
Naida P Tap Control

Additional features, exclusive to Naída P:

  • Two active Bluetooth connections at the same time
  • Rechargeability
  • Tap Control
  • Hearing performance enhancement features (Speech Enhancer, Dynamic Noise Cancellation and Motion Sensor Hearing)

Marketing Naída M and Naída P

When marketing Naída M and Naída P to patients, first think about your demographics.

Do you have a lot of patients interested in connectivity? If so, market the ability to seamlessly stream audio from any Bluetooth device to their hearing aids, and the ease of answering phone calls by tapping on the pinna or hearing aid.

Are your patients in rural areas where Remote Support programming would be beneficial? Then advertise your ability to program and fine-tune their hearing aids, regardless of their location, through the myPhonak app.

Are your patients mostly interested in being able to ‘hear everything they can’? Then market features like Speech Enhancement, which can increase soft speech up to 10 dB in quiet situations, and Motion Sensor Hearing, which enables your patients to listen more easily to a talker from the side.

The first step to market Naída M and Naída P products to your patients is to reach out to your Phonak Account Manager. They will connect you with your Phonak Marketing representative and work with you to create a customized marketing plan.

Phonak has designed a kit that contains several marketing tactics for immediate download! These communications are geared toward the following channels:

  1. Website
  2. Social media
  3. Existing patients
  4. Waiting room
  5. New patients

According to Amy Westrich, Account Marketing Specialist at Phonak, “to add a personal touch to patient communications, we suggest using the database Word documents found in the Patient Support Kit. Since the number of patients that fall in the severe-to-profound category is typically small, this is a great opportunity for HCPs to customize individual letters for each patient.”

In this way, the patient will receive their letter in a hand-addressed envelope, which gives the HCP the opportunity to include a personalized note. “Following up with a phone call is another touchpoint we suggest for each person who receives a letter as well,” she said.

The Marketing Communication Kit is available through the marketing and sales teams. If the HCP does not know who their direct contact is, they can email:

Phonak is recognized as a leader in the area of severe-to-profound hearing loss, and because of our commitment to this continued leadership, Phonak has sponsored an open access publication, which includes evidence and recommendations for fitting patients who have severe-to-profound loss. You can read, download and share for free at, or by clicking here.

Stand out from other clinics

There are so many ways that offering Marvel and Paradise Naída hearing aids can help your clinic stand out from the others. Your clinic can offer the world’s only ultra-powered hearing aid that offers universal connectivity, hands-free phone calls, and RogerDirect.

You can also stand apart from the competition by offering and advertising Remote Support programming — a feature that is always convenient, but will appeal to older patients even more during the pandemic. Offering RogerDirect to your patients can market you as the leading provider in your area with solutions beyond just a hearing aid, especially in those challenging listening situations when noise and/or distant speech is present, without the need for an additional Roger microphone.

Naída P trial devices come to you with Roger 02 receivers already installed – allowing you to quickly and easily demo Roger in your office!

Now you can offer your patients the latest RIC technology features in a power BTE with Naída M and Naída P. We know that hearing well is linked to a greater state of social-emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being. The features in Naída M and Naída P hearing aids will foster this sense of well-being in your patients and assist them on their journey to better hearing.

To learn more about Naída Paradise, we invite you to

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