Looking for educational videos to share with your patients?

Hearing aid wearers often look for resources to help them understand and properly manage their hearing technology. The Phonak YouTube channel has insightful and educational videos for you to share. Learn more in this short article.

When I found out I was having a knee replacement, I endlessly Googled and YouTubed everything I could about knee surgery, preparation, recovery, and therapy so I could be prepared for what was to happen. My surgeon also provided me with materials via their website and portal in preparation.

And, as I am a visual learner who benefits from reviewing educational material multiple times, these online resources made me feel prepared which was extremely helpful to me.  

Similarly, across the entire healthcare industry, consumers are looking to educate themselves more than ever. In the hearing healthcare industry, it’s incredibly important as technology is always advancing and there are always new features for your clients to learn about and understand.

At Phonak, we strongly believe in offering educational resources for our technology wearers. One example is through YouTube videos, and we all love YouTube, right?  We have an entire YouTube channel with over 1000 videos for those who fit Phonak as well as those who wear Phonak. 

5 customer-friendly YouTube videos

Below are some of the useful customer-friendly YouTube videos that explain and demonstrate everything from how to pair hearing aids to describing our hearing aid capabilities.  Of course, these videos can also be useful for you as well.

  1. How to reset your Phonak Bluetooth and myPhonak with iPhone:  Link
  2. How to tamper proof a battery door:  Link
  3. Phonak features: Speech Enhancer:  Link
  4. Phonak features: Motion Sensor Hearing: Link
  5. How to replace the ActiveVent receiver: Link

Please bookmark the Phonak YouTube channel for a plethora of insightful, entertaining, and educational videos to help support you and your clients’ success.