5 articles to help you differentiate your services in 2023

With the changing landscape in hearing healthcare, it is important to adapt to emerging trends. Several articles published this past year can help you differentiate your services moving forward.

As we ring in the new year, I think we can all agree that the hearing industry is going through a remarkable transformation. Hearing healthcare solutions and expectations for services are changing. Our success as hearing care professionals depends on meeting these expectations and finding new ways to add value.

With the Audiology Blog, we aim to find topics and experts to help you navigate this time of change and find new opportunities to grow your business. We hope our articles serve you well.

Here are several of our top picks from 2022 that we believe are relevant for differentiating your services this upcoming year.

Recommended articles to help you:

  1. Improve client satisfaction with services
    A study out of The University of Queensland, suggests that including family in appointments can improve client satisfaction with services. In this article, Researcher, Dr. Katie Ekberg shares study findings and at the end of the article you will find a link to tools to help you include family in appointments. Read here.
  2. Offer auditory skills training via digital tools
    The World Health Organization recommends auditory skills training (AST) as part of comprehensive aural rehabilitation, yet less than 10% of audiologists offer it.1 Speech-Language Pathologist, Valeri Le Beau, highlights the digital AST tools in HearingSuccess.com that you can offer your clients to enhance their communication skills.  Find out more. 
  3. Increase self-advocacy in children
    Preparing children to advocate for their hearing needs is a process that takes place over years. Dr. Karen Münoz explains how the myPhonak Junior app can help your parents prepare their kids in at least these five different ways. Read her short article to learn more.
  4. Shift your focus away from devices
    What does the future of hearing healthcare look like? According to Audiologist, Kat Penno, it will be important to shift your focus away from devices and towards client-focused solutions across the broad spectrum of hearing health care for all ages. She explains more in this article.
  5. Expand your service delivery to include remote sessions
    The majority of clients who try teleaudiology, love it, feel more connected to their audiologist, and prefer this service delivery model over in-person consultations.2 Dr. Bec Bennett provides tips to help you get started. Read here.

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