Better Hearing & Speech Month – 6 tips to help you raise awareness on well-being benefits

Let’s raise awareness about the vital role hearing plays for our well-being. Add these 6 tips into your marketing plan and attend our upcoming virtual symposium to learn about developments in this emerging scientific field.

It’s that time of year when the sounds of spring fill the air – whether that’s a crack of thunder, the cheers at a ball game, the laughter at a family picnic, or maybe even the noise from your neighbor’s lawnmower! While some of these sounds may be more beautiful than others, they all connect us to life and remind us of the vital role our hearing plays in experiencing the world around us.

It’s no surprise that May is also Better Hearing and Speech Month. This is a great opportunity to bring attention to the importance of better hearing. Here are some tips to help raise awareness and get out the message out. Be sure to make these part of your marketing plan!

  • Think digital and update your social media. Use this time of the year to highlight how hearing well helps us be socially active, connect with others and communicate effectively. Encourage your followers to like and share your post, so your message can spread further. Helpful social posts and images can be downloaded here:
  • Send an email newsletter to your current patients reminding them of the importance of hearing and asking them to refer family and friends to spread the joy of hearing well.
  • Include a short message about ‘May Is Better Hearing Month’ in your front desk phone or voicemail greeting.
  • Connect with your community. Issue a press release to your local news outlets introducing yourself as a local hearing expert. If you need help, check out our helpful hints in this Phonak Paradise kit to get your press release out to the public.
  • Consider offering a free hearing screening at your practice or directing consumers to your website if you have an online hearing screening tool.
  • Adding a QR code to your traditional print marketing is a great way to easily connect consumers to your screener and increase traffic to your website.

Promoting the value of better hearing doesn’t end on May 31st. It is part of your (and our) ongoing mission to help create a world where everyone enjoys the delight of hearing.

Reach out to your account marketing specialist or about Phonak’s “Well-Hearing is Well-Being” campaign and how to add it into your marketing plan.

Upcoming virtual symposium – learn more about the scientific connection

Are you looking for more information supporting the relationship between hearing and overall well-being – as well as what it means for your patients when they finally start to wear hearing aids?

We have good news! Phonak is pleased to announce an upcoming virtual symposium, ‘Well-Hearing is Well-Being’ – A strong scientific connection, available May 30th -August 31st (with a live Q&A on June 2nd). Invited experts will share clinical best practices and the latest research showing how hearing well is linked to a greater state of social-emotional, cognitive and physical well-being.

We invite you to join us. You can learn more and register here.