AutoSense OS™: 3 real-world problems it solves

As your clients move through different listening environments throughout the day, it is important to have an automatic operating system that can adapt. Learn how AutoSense OS automatically adjusts the features in Phonak hearing aids for improved speech understanding and comfort.

Don’t we all prefer things to be automated these days?

Thanks to sophisticated technology in operating systems, hearing aids can classify sound and adapt to a hearing aid wearer’s personal environment, so adjustments are automatic.

AutoSense OS™ is the automatic classification system in Phonak hearing aids.

Using artificial intelligence-based machine learning, AutoSense OS constantly scans the environment 700 times per second to create over 200 unique combinations by adaptively activating a host of features.

This means that your client’s hearing aids will activate the optimal settings if they are in a quiet place, if they are speaking to someone in a noisy place or even if there is some reverberant noise around them. All without the need to manually adjust the hearing aids.

3 real-world benefits of AutoSense OS

  1. Maintains natural sound of speech – Dual path compression is available and activated where required (i.e., for speech in noise and media streaming), in order to maintain the natural modulations of speech.
  2. Adapts to different environments to help people focus on conversations – The operating system activates optimal settings of features, no matter where your client is. For example, when there is noise around them and speech is coming from the front, it automatically switches into StereoZoom to create a narrow beam so your clients can focus on the person speaking to them.  
  3. Improves the listening experience when streaming media – When it comes to streaming media, AutoSense OS is the only automatic system that can classify streamed music from streamed speech. This means that media signals are assessed for the presence of music vs ‘non-music’ (or speech), and settings are automatically adjusted accordingly to improve the listening experience.

AutoSense OS: What makes it special?

AutoSense OS is founded on over 2 decades of continuous innovation in machine learning using real-world sound recordings. It orchestrates the numerous comfort and speech understanding features in Phonak hearing aids to adapt to a hearing aid wearer’s personal environment.

The algorithms allow the system to learn the most appropriate settings in a broad range of acoustical environments. It then classifies sound to automatically adjust (and blend) the settings, depending on the environment.

The latest operating system, AutoSense OS 5.0, has further improvements in speech understanding and comfort.

As your clients move through different listening environments throughout the day, it is important to have an automatic operating system that can adapt and deliver a seamless listening experience, with speech understanding and comfort in mind.

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