Tania Rodrigues

Tania qualified as an Audiologist at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. She gained diverse experience in clinical practice working within both the public and private sectors in the United Kingdom, before joining Phonak in 2013. She is now the Audiology Training & Education Manager at Phonak HQ, Switzerland. In her leisure time she enjoys exploring the Swiss outdoors on her bicycle.

Time to get off the fence!

New technology gives hearing care professionals the ability to add the convenience of remote support to their practice. For those still sitting on the fence, experts in the field just made it easy to implement eAudiology!

Intelligent agents for automation

The sophisticated technology within Phonak Marvel allows it to function as a wearer’s personal intelligent agent — providing confidence that devices will function optimally and automatically.

Keep calm and stream on…

Media streaming is an activity which continues to grow in popularity and technologies which deliver it must keep up with the needs of its users.

Love at first sound

Living in a time when we no longer just take a marketing claim at face value, but rather prefer to experience it ourselves and make our own judgement.