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Jane Woodward

Jane first joined Phonak HQ in 2005. In her role as Product Audiology Manager, Jane strived to provide evidence based, impactful products, features and training. She has over 20 years of experience in audiology, working clinically in University hospitals in the UK and Switzerland, in hearing system and software development, and in training. Jane holds an MSc (Audiology) and BSc (Psychology) from Southampton University, UK.

7 SmartSpeech Technology features that improve speech understanding

For 75 years, Phonak has developed innovations that support speech understanding. The collection of features in Audéo Lumity deliver the latest innovations in directional microphone technology to help ensure speech is better understood in many different listening environments.

When listening feels like work

In this interview, Professor Graham Naylor shares the latest research on listening fatigue and why it might be one of the reasons driving clients to visit your clinic.