Time to start planning for success in 2024

5 recommendations to help you get established in your local community and connect with more people.

Are you the type of person who completes their holiday gift shopping in July? Or, are you the one looking online for the perfect gift with next-day delivery?

No matter who you are, having a plan makes the job easier.

With that in mind, let’s brainstorm a few questions to help you develop a marketing strategy for 2024.

1. What is the best way to get established and connect directly with your local community?

To increase your reach and connect with consumers wherever they are searching, it’s best to create a marketing plan that includes a variety of tactics:

  • Patient marketing: Reach out via email, newsletter or printed letter
  • Prospect marketing: Try direct mail, print media (such as your local community newspaper) or paid digital marketing  

Don’t forget to notify local senior centers, nursing homes, and your physician network, too! 

Pro tip: Track all marketing efforts and measure the ROI of each activity. This will make effective use of your budget and provide guidance on future advertising decisions.

2. What does an ongoing marketing strategy look like? 

Because consistency is key; develop a cadence that works within your established budget. I recommend connecting with patients at least every other month and new prospects on a quarterly basis (at minimum).

3. What message should be communicated? 

There are so many possibilities! One of the most popular options is to hold an open house. Invite individuals into your office to share new technology with product knowledge and demonstrations.

Or, host an in-person or virtual consumer seminar. This creates an opportunity to educate the public on the benefits of hearing health and advancements in technology and establishes you as the expert in your local community.

With either type of event, invite your Phonak Representative to attend!

4. When is the best time to market? 

Consistently! Keep in mind that event-based marketing shouldn’t compete with traditional events or community festivities. Since marketing activities can occur at any time of the year, here are some seasonal and industry-related messages to consider:


  • Hear in the New Year!
  • New Year, New You!


  • Fall in Love with your Hearing! 
  • Sweet Sounds of the Season!


  • Hear the Madness!
  • Lucky You… Connecting With the One’s You Love is Easy!


  • National Speech-Language-Hearing Month: Join us for our Free Hearing Event!


  • Hear It All This Fall!


  • Audiology Awareness Month


  • Hear for the Holidays! 
  • Do You Hear What I Hear?

5. What have we missed?

Your thoughtful offer! Some of the most popular approaches include a complimentary offer, such as a free hearing screening, risk-free trial, free demonstration, or free accessory with purchase. But, don’t just settle for these. Feel free to get creative and come up with some of your own.

Marketing is a great way to get established in your community and be in direct contact with the public. It allows for engagement with carefully targeted individuals to obtain an immediate response and build lasting relationships.

When used as an ongoing strategy, a marketing plan will help to build your business over time. 

Please contact practiceservices@phonak.com to start Planning for Success in the new year!