Roger™ and e-bikes: What is the link?

Decongesting the link between remote microphones and public transport.

So you’ve clicked on the catchy title and are burning to find out what this link might look like.

Is it that both are found in noisy places? Is it that both can feel lavish? Or that both can come in a nice champagne color?

Well you see, it is a link of enhancement and additional value to complement your lifestyle. But before I explain, you’ll need to know a bit about me first.

My journey to an e-bike

I hate sports and I love efficiency. And so, coming from New Zealand, where driving to work was the norm, having to take the train was a huge change for me when I recently moved to Switzerland.

Waiting endlessly at the station (though the trains here are always on time!), as well as engaging in long walks to and from work took valuable time out of my day. Sure – it made me a healthier human by keeping my step count up, but in the first few weeks I struggled to get myself around without my SUV to carry my laptop and lunch on my behalf.

Knowing that I could never bring myself to drive on the other side of the road, I eventually caved in and purchased a transport pass from the local transport office.

But let’s imagine that while I was purchasing my transport pass, the public transport consultant, who looks at my route to and from work, shows me a list of transport methods (e-scooter, bicycle, rollerblades, etc.) and recommends an e-bike that would complement my daily commute. The suggestion comes as a surprise because I didn’t initially want an e-bike, but I trust their expertise and professionalism and trial the recommended solution.

Lo and behold – what a match made in heaven! Using the e-bike to travel to and from the station does the job so much better than walking, and above all, gives me the additional time to enjoy the sunny days here in Zurich.

Although trains are always the main solution for transport here in Switzerland, complementing this with e-bikes allows the overall transport experience to be enhanced.                                                                       

What does this all have to do with audiology?

Consider hearing loss like losing your car, and a hearing aid as your train pass. Just as additional transport methods like e-bikes can improve your commuting experience, Roger technology, has the potential to elevate and enrich your clients’ journey with hearing aids.

And we know not everyone will want an e-bike for their train station trips, and likewise not everyone will purchase Roger (although they should 😉). And just like e-bikes will not replace trains in most instances, Roger will not replace the benefits of hearing aids. But for those clients who do receive a Roger, it is a true game changer in their hearing experience. 

But how can the client become aware of this solution if they haven’t been introduced to it beforehand? Similarly, how would anyone be aware of Roger unless someone has already discussed the benefits with them? As clinicians, are we considering Roger as an offering within our solution portfolio, or are we neglecting to share quality options with them?

Our role as hearing care providers

Just like the skilled consultant who recommends an e-bike to meet my needs, we as hearing care professionals should also be the ones to recommend Roger at the beginning of the client’s hearing aid journey, and at every touchpoint where relevant.

Now you may be thinking, mentioning Roger is one thing, but talking about it and conveying the benefits is another. You might be thinking there are other microphones that do the same job, or maybe you are unsure how to talk about the benefits of Roger. Maybe you are thinking the practicalities of an in-office demonstration are too convoluted. Don’t worry, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Roger holds distinct value for your clients, proving to be a fruitful addition to your clinic’s solution portfolio, and further differentiating your practice from more conventional offerings down the road. Just as all awesome transport stations have an e-bike/e-scooter station nearby, every hearing care professional should offer Roger as part of a holistic solution for their clients’ hearing aid journey.

Are you interested in knowing more about Roger or how to talk about Roger with your clients? Visit our YouTube playlist for demoing Roger and stay tuned for more posts on how you as the hearing expert can talk about Roger.

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