The ear canal is a deep, dark place!

How Lyric made me step outside my comfort zone and learn something new.

Most audiologists are typically not comfortably working deep down in the ear canal – and I mean deep! Down by the ear drum, space is limited, lighting is terrible, and there’s not a lot of room to move around . Typically, whenever you ask an audiologist for a deep ear canal impression, or if they are uncomfortable removing deeply positioned wax , they start to sweat and their eyes glaze over. They immediately become anxious – stressed out even – and find any reason not to have to “go there”.

I must admit, I was one of those audiologists. I was comfortable in the ear canal, but not that deep. The thought of being that deep gave me anxiety, heartburn, ringing in my ears and I started to plan my escape route as quickly as I could. That was until I started to work with Lyric. With Lyric, I no longer had the option or opportunity to find another way to accomplish a deep canal task. I had to step up to the proverbial plate and man-up.

Do you know what I learned from it? The ear canal is not a deep, dark scary place – it’s a unique microclimate and environment of its own. It is a sensitive and sometimes very persnickety place to work within, but if you respect it and work deep down in the ear canal often, your anxiety lessens and you don’t shudder every time you think about it. You no longer become afraid of the challenge of working deep in the ear canal, you actually enjoy it and look forward to what you can learn about the ear from looking at it.

Lyric taught me to respect the ear canal. It also taught me how to look at the ear canal differently and understand the anatomy, physiology, and microbiology in a more holistic way than I ever had before. Most importantly, Lyric taught me more about myself than I expected. Remember – I was one of those audiologists who didn’t necessarily welcome the thought of working deep in the ear canal. But now – I don’t even think about it as “deep”, it’s just another ear that I get the privilege to look at, work with and manage.

Lyric is empowering. Yes, fitting and working with Lyric is challenging at first – but it just takes practice. Your hands will shake, you won’t really know what you’re looking at through the microscope the first time – and let’s face it – you’ll probably start to sweat. But as you continue to look at different ear canals and fit Lyric day after day, you’ll start to realize that you’re no longer afraid and you’re actually quite good.

And for those fitters that are still uncomfortable, not convinced or unsure where to start – the development and launch of the EasyView Otoblock (EVOB) can help you transition to becoming accustomed to deep placement and being comfortable in the ear canal. Modeled from Lyric seals, EVOB resembles the same deep ear placement and capabilities you need to master to become confident when placing Lyric.

Knowledge is power. As you start to think about differentiating yourself as an audiologist and clinician, think of the avenues and opportunities – like Lyric – that you can explore to make you stand out among the crowd. Think of those things that make you sweat and make you nervous. Overcome those challenges and learn about what it takes to feel comfortable and empowered to be successful and competent every day.

Are you hooked? Are you ready to accept the challenge of the Lyric? What do you do now? Lyric has a wealth of knowledge and evidence behind it, from medical concept to ear canal health and success. Take the first step and arm yourself with the evidence and support. Learn about the awe-inspiring and captivating environment of the ear canal and how Lyric lives in there for months at a time.


Visit the Lyric product page on PhonakPro to learn about Lyric and read through the medical and scientific evidence supporting the development continued use of Lyric.

And read more about the EasyView Otoblock (EVOB), read a previous blog post by Jana Schwarzlos-Sooprayen. Custom Products Audiological Engineer.