Christine Jones

Vice President of Audiology at Phonak US

Based at Phonak US in Warrenville, IL

Focus: Having been with Phonak for many years, Christine was tasked with opening and running a global center of audiology excellence in the US (PARC) in 2015. In her role, she manages a multi-faceted research program that includes proof of concept work, product validations, claims substantiation and generic clinical research.

Family person and outdoor sports lover

Christine on LinkedIn

“I’ve spent a lot of my career in pediatrics. What really sparked my passion for audiology to begin with is helping those children achieve whatever goals they or their parents have.”

I think what’s exciting about the field of audiology is how science can be used to improve people’s quality of life. What I also love about our industry is that we have this opportunity for continuous improvement. With each new generation of the technology, the products get more effective and more relevant in real life. What is really fascinating to me is how fast developments happen in our field, and how much more potential is out there.

One learning from my private life that has helped me a lot in my work life is that it is always important to try to put yourself in the shoes of others and understand their point of view and perspective on things. My dad and my brother are engineers. I call them “enginerds” because engineering as a profession changes the way you think. It makes you the ultimate analytical thinker. This insight is very useful now that I work in a research group where we interact a lot with engineers, and I find it very fascinating to see how they would look at some of the same problems in research compared to how we are looking at them from the clinical audiology perspective.

I believe in the work hard, play hard mentality. I give a lot to my job, and this is ok because it is a choice I made and I love what I do. But on the other side, I always want to make the best of my free time – whether it’s doing yoga and appreciating these rare moments just for me or spending time with my family in the outdoors. Being active helps me clear my head and re-energize for the daily challenges we face, and then return refreshed and motivated to work.

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Studies and publications (selection)

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  • Performance and Preference of an Automatic Hearing Aid System in Real-World Listening Environments. by L. Rakita, C. Jones

  • Sound bytes on SoundRecover. by C. Jones

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  • Fitting young children with directional technology. by C. Jones

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