Bradley Stephenson

New Ventures Manager at Phonak HQ

Based at Phonak HQ in Stäfa, Switzerland

Focus: Leveraging his more than 20 years of experience as a clinician and working in the hearing care industry, Brad manages a multifunctional team responsible for marketing claims substantiation, clinical affairs, clinical research management, audiological training and education.

Tennis ace and music lover

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“I’m really driven to use experiences to help clinicians do a better job. I have realized that I can help even more people by helping professionals who will work with patients every day.”

I am a person that likes a good challenge because it requires me to look creatively at a solution. As a clinician, one of the things I enjoyed most was just listening to each of my patients and trying to find the right outcome. I think it’s interesting what can learn from people if you really take the time to listen.

I am a horrible singer. I did take lessons, but it didn’t have a big impact. However, I love the sound of music. I love the way music makes me feel. I love the creativity. I just like everything about it. For me, there is nothing better than just sitting back and listening to music.

I’ve always had a passion for the game of tennis, and one of my learnings on the court has greatly influenced how I approach my professional life. When I started taking tennis lessons, I learned that there were three factors that impact racquet swing: pathway, speed, and angle. My coach’s advice was to focus on improving one factor at a time. I recall his exact words, “Perfect one skill before you move on!” I followed this advice and it served me well on the court. Years later, I have a similar approach with my team at Phonak – I encourage focusing on one deliverable at a time (the one which has the biggest impact) and ensuring it is well done before moving on. I have learned that accomplishing single successes in the right direction, delivers significant benefit over time.

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Studies and publications (selection)

  • Phonak Field Study News: The Phonak rechargeable hearing solution. by B. Stephenson et al.

  • Phonak Field Study News: Big Data – Insight into AutoSense OS™. by A. Biggins, B. Stephenson, M. Senn, D. Meier

  • Phonak Insight: Big data can teach us about Marvel fittings with first time users. by B. Stephenson, A. Tzitzi


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